Archives & Artifacts Ministry


Lucretia Billups and Evelyn Chatmon

This Ministry, founded in 1999 by Lucretia Billups and Evelyn Chatmon, has set about the task of recovering, preserving, storing, and maintaining the print, photographic, graphic, visual, and audio history of Union Baptist Church contained in manuscripts, printed portraits and books. The Ministry members meet monthly during the Church year, acquiring, examining, cataloging, and storing the items donated by the Membership as well as continually planning and executing the work needed to share the history of Union with its members and the greater community.

Upon the request of the Archives and Artifacts Ministry, a space where the archives and artifacts could be displayed, was created.. With the support of the Church membership, the Room of Remembrance, consecrated and celebrated during the Church’s 150th anniversary year was brought into existence. In this room, the Ministry has mounted numerous displays including those, which speak to Union’s past as well as those requested by the Church’s various organizations. The Ministry also provides information Church members request and works on projects significant to the Church.

The work of the Ministry has been noted as unique in the Black Church by those experienced in the field.

On October 3, 2010, with the assistance of The Archive and Artifacts Ministry, The National Park’s Service placed Union Baptist Church on the National Register of Historic Places.

Final project planning is underway for a museum quality Archive and Artifacts storage and display area that will be located in the Room of Remembrance. The area will be unveiled during the Summer of 2015.