Comfort Ministry

Chairman: Deacon James E. Coleman

The Comfort Ministry was established in 2002, with the goal of supporting the church community by preparing efficient and good-tasting meals for the family after a funeral or memorial service. The church body supports this ministry through the envelopes in the contribution box that is marked Comfort Ministry. Also, family members may make a special donation when the service is provided.

While the Comfort Ministry serves an important function for grieving families, the Circle is still the primary support for families during the time of bereavement:

  1. The Circle should see to it that the ministry of Comfort is more than just the family repast. The Circle should be in constant communication with the family giving physical and spiritual comfort.
  2. The circle should assist with the set up, serving and clean up after the repast.
  3. As many Circle members as possible should be in attendance at the services.

If the Comfort Ministry is needed:

  1. The family calls the pastor to inform him of the death of a family member and to request the services of the church.
  2. The pastor will contact the Chairperson (Jim Coleman) immediately.
  3. The circle president calls the family to determine needs; if service is desired, number of persons to be served. etc.
  4. Jeanette Greene and/or Eliver (Dottie) Privette informs subcommittees of needs.
  5. The telephone tree will be activated.
  6. Persons who are not members of a circle will make the family wishes known through the pastor or assistant pastor. The pastor or assistant pastor will contact the Chairperson or Co-Chairperson of the Comfort Ministry to discuss the family needs.