St. Lukes Ministry

Chairperson: Deaconess Muriel Stewart Whitt

The St. Luke’s Ministry is a ministry to the sick, shut-in and to all who seek to have a church fellowship within their homes because they cannot attend Sunday morning services. Members meet on the fourth Monday of each month to discuss those who are bereaved, sick or who may not be physically able to attend the church services. The chairperson of the Sunshine committee sends cards to all members of the church who are sick and shut-in. The responses from those members are phenomenal. The St. Luke’s Ministry visits homes of those who are in need or who have requested a visit on the first Sunday of each month. The visit consists of an opening hymn, prayer and communion. In those very short moments of song and praise we truly feel that “The spirit of the Lord is upon us,” and all have been blessed. The recipient for whom the service was intended and members of the committee leave with renewed spirit.

"The Lord watch between me and Thee, when we are absent one from another.”