Youth Ministries

Union’s Youth Ministries provide our youth with opportunities for Christian growth through age-appropriate activities and projects, to help our youth bring a Christian perspective to their personal, academic, and career goals, and to develop their leadership potential within our nurturing Church community.

In addition to Sunday School, Union Baptist’s Youth Ministries include Vacation Bible School, Junior Ushers, the Y.O.U. Choir, The League of Little Women, The Bible Boys, and The Mother’s Club.

Vacation Bible School
Deaconess Kathleen Brice Hathaway

“Teach them well and let them lead the way,” is my driving force as the Director of the Union Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School. Having attended VBS as a child under some of the strongest leaders at Union, I am honored to share a little of the old with a little of the new with our adorable children, ages 4 to 18 years old.

Whether through music, dialog, arts and crafts, playing or just having lunch together, we’ve proved with the help of very talented volunteers that Union’s VBS is still “HIGH MINDED” as everyone joined in to make this 2 week experience during the month of July one that is beneficial to all involved. The opportunities for the little ones to work with the older children who may be in need of community service hours are awesome. The sky is the limit when we learn to work together.

Sunday School
Brenda Tarrant

Sunday School is conducted at 9 AM, prior to the Sudnay morning worship service. The teachers endeavor to strengthen the moral and ethical background of each student in the conduct of his or her life, and to instill in every participant a dynamic God conscientiousness, by exposing them to the life, the teachings, and the ethics of Jesus.

Mothers Club
Kristi Allen

The Mothers Club of Union Baptist Church is made up of Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunts and anyone interested in the welfare of children. It serves children in the church and in the community through special selebrations such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter. During the celebration, the children engage in many fun activities around the gymnasium that are provided for by the Mothers. At the end of the fun activities which includes arts and crafts, make and take games played for prizes, face painting, community singing, etc.; hot dogs and drinks are provided when all children come together and eat. At dismissal, everyone leaves with a goody bag provided by the Mothers Club. The Mothers have the responsibility of presiding on Mother’s Day, which also marks the anniversary of the Church. On Youth Day in June, the Mothers Club provides dinner for children, youth and their families, including both the children of the Church and the community. On Father’s Day, both fathers and graduates from pre-school to college are honored at a communion breakfast.